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OUR STORY ... since 1979.

          In 1972, Ceylon became a republic, fully independent from the British monarchy. A new constitution was established and the country was named Sri Lanka. This era of radical change gave rise to a generation of bold Sri Lankan entrepreneurs. Farnell Ceylon was one such example of a pioneering Sri Lankan company which set out to change a landscape hitherto dominated by large pharmaceutical multinationals. The Company's first appointment was made in 1979 by BYK Gulden of Germany as its sole representative in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

          Forty years hence, riding on the crest of another wave, the Asian rennaissance, Farnell Ceylon is yet again venturing into territories that have remained largely untapped in Sri Lanka for far too long. Future endeavours are geared to pave the way for reclaiming Sri Lanka's glorious past as a trading gateway between the orient and the occident, where marvellous feats of engineering held the world spellbound for thousands of years. The next decades of the Company will be built on three pillars: entrepôt trade and efficiency engineering, in addition to medicinal imports. We are in the business of rekindling our nation's DNA as traders and builders.


K. R. Fernando

The Founder Managing Director from 1979 to 1997. His legacy is a proud and ethical business culture with a truly Sri Lankan identity. His vision remains the foundation of Farnell Ceylon to date.


Nalin Fernando

Joined in 1986 as a Trainee Medical Representative and serves as the Chairman, since 2008. He is an effective and composed leader, with a passion for community service.


Rainer Fernando

Joined Farnell in1992 as a Trainee Medical Representative and serves as the Managing Director, since 2008. He is a skilled marketeer and a committed custodian of Farnell Ceylon's legacy.


T: +94 11 2716175

F: +94 11 2761962